COVID19 OFFER: 2 for £20 (save £10 and still get FREE shipping) keep a clean pair for out and about, they are washable! - code BESAFE

Donkey Gloves


COVID-19: Donkey gloves can help you keep safe. We are offering 2 pairs for £20 (saving £10) so you can have a dirty pair for gardening and all the outdoor jobs at home. And another for wearing out and about - dog walking, fuelling up, cash machines, shopping etc. The gloves are machine washable and experts say the virus survives for less time on fabric compared to hard surfaces.
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Donkey Gloves are unique in combining the protection and durability of a work glove with the quality fit and dexterity of the best gardening glove.

  • Maximum comfort and great fit - custom fabric with high spandex content
  • Extremely durable, but surprisingly light weight
  • Breathable - not sweaty!
  • Widest range of sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Hi-Vis Orange - hard to lose!
  • Machine washable
  • Padding is anti-slip and protects the palm 
  • Protection from nettles and brambles
  • Vegan - not made from donkeys!

Our customers aren't just gardeners, they include: Builders and DIY enthusiasts, Horse and Pony owners, Dog walkers, Small holders, Cyclists, Mechanics, Tree surgeons, Thatchers, Lock keepers and even Giraffe keepers (Giraffe like fresh nettles hand-picked every day!)