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  • Are donkey gloves made from donkeys?
    No! Our gloves are in fact vegan. Donkey Gloves for Donkey Work! donkey work: noun the hard, boring part of a job
  • Who uses donkey gloves?
    Our customers aren't just gardeners, they include: Builders and DIY enthusiasts, Horse and Pony owners, Dog walkers, Small holders, Cyclists, Mechanics, Tree surgeons, Thatchers, Lock keepers and even Giraffe keepers (Giraffe like fresh nettles hand-picked every day!)
  • Are they washable?
    Yes! Chuck 'em in your daily wash and they come out nice and clean...until you use them again, of course!
  • Are they waterproof?
    No, although our new gloves have been treated to improve water resistance which is a signifcant improvement from the old gloves. But they do dry quickly!
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